We are responsible for developing a big picture of mid/long-term business strategy for the company, and monitoring whether individual business unit operates in line with the strategic directions.
As the first step, we conduct industry-wide trend research into macro-economy and finance, as well as competitor status analysis, in order to come up with mid/long-term strategies the company should execute for the next few years.
We also monitor whether individual business unit operates in line with the strategic directions, proactively identify internal and external issues in business operation, and present effective solutions based on the intelligence.

Career Path

In order to develop mid/long-term strategies, you need to have a bird’s eye view of business operations from senior management perspective. You should also have in-depth knowledge and analytical skills to understand specific nature of each business unit and their major challenges. Given this, other core competencies may include logical and critical thinking to analyze and solve problems to be a good strategist. Strong communication skills to interact with management and business units, as well as teamwork and leadership skills to lead conversation with diverse coworkers with an open mind are also required. When you are equipped with the qualities, you should be able to develop into a strategic planning expert capable of shaping the future course of an organization in a rapidly-changing environment and resolving business challenges.