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  • AI based online test is an online aptitude and personality test. It includes aptitude tests, ability tests and interview format tests. (The interview is not simultaneous.) The  You can only take the test through a desktop (or laptop) computer, and you have to prepare a camera, a microphone, and earphones(speakers) in advance. The applicants will receive the test information via text message and e-mail. Please go to 1:1 Q&A bulletin board for more questions.

  • Yes, if you meet the following qualifications, there is no other restriction on your application.
    *Education: those who have graduated or expect to graduate (who can join us in January of the year following your application)
    *No limit on application qualifications in terms of grade/age/major
    *Those who have completed or are exempted from compulsory military service, hence have no reason to be disqualified to travel abroad (South Korean citizens only)

  • You can put the final grades for the latest semester before your application to us. It is up to you to decide on which scale you want to report your GPA. 

  • Yes, we ask applicants to submit documents as evidence during the interview process. Official documents shall be required, but when they are not available, unofficial documents which can prove what you have put in your cover letter is true are allowed to be submitted. Please go to 1:1 Q&A bulletin board for more questions.  *Original copies mandatory: Certificate of expected graduation (Certificate of graduation or enrollment), Grade report 

  • Paper screening results are typically announced about one week before the HMAT. We will send text and email notifications to your contact info you have put on your application.  

  • Yes, we make sure that applicants can schedule an interview at their convenience. If you can't choose any of the offered time slots due to personal reasons, please submit your request to 1:1 Q&A bulletin board with the reasons provided and we will assign you to a slot you will be available for.

  • A group of four to six applicants performs a task related to the company's business in this interview. While they put together data and discuss to find an answer, interviewers observe them at close range. Each group will go through project planning to presentation processes just like when they work on an actual task. 

  • It checks whether applicants have capabilities required to perform work tasks in the real world and also their project experience and areas of interest. It basically is a time for applicants to have a conversation with interviewers about what they can do and what they want to do. One applicant will sit down with two interviewers. 

  • Yes, the aptitude test and some interviews can be applied online. If you can participate in the hiring process taking place at our HQs and our internship program, we welcome your application. 

  • Yes, you can apply again regardless of the record of previous applications.