Terms of Use

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of the Terms of Usage is to regulate the usage conditions and procedures of online recruitment services (hereinafter ‘the services’) offered at the recruiting homepage(www.careerhyundai.com) of Hyundai Card Co., Ltd. and Hyundai Commercial, Inc. (hereinafter ‘the Company’) and also the rights, duties, and responsibilities of the Company and users.

Article 2 (Effects of the Terms and Amendment)

  • 1) These Terms shall take effect by the Company disclosing the Terms on its homepage after going through disclosure procedures or notifying the users of the Terms via email or others.

  • 2) The Company can amend the Terms without prior notice, and the amended Terms will be announced by procedures specified in Article 9. If a member does not agree with the amended Terms, he/she is free to terminate the membership (delete the account). But if not, it will be considered as the agreement on the new Terms. The amended Terms shall take effect upon the announcement.

Article 3 (Rules other than the Terms)

Any matters not specified in the Terms shall abide by the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act and other applicable laws and regulations.

Article 4 (Definitions)

  • 1) Following list shows the definition of terminologies used in the Terms:

    • ① Member: A person who has signed up for membership by providing his/her personal data to the services, and will receive and use information of the services regularly
    • ② User: A member or non-member who receives the services offered by the Company pursuant to the Terms
    • ③ ID: An e-mail address entered by a member to get identified and use the services
    • ④ Password: The combination of letters and numbers created by members to secure their private data online
    • ⑤ E-mail: A mail service by internet networks
    • ⑥ Termination: Demonstration of an intention of the Company or a member to terminate the contract after using the services
    • ⑦ Homepage: A virtual service space(www.careerhyundai.com) set up by the Company to deliver the services to users, where users can view and use the data using information communications equipment such as computers, etc.

Article 5 (Service offers and changes)

  • 1) The services offered by the Company are as below:

    • ① Public relations for the Company
    • ② Other miscellaneous information offered by the Company
    • ③ Recruitment services of the Company
    • ④ Online job application system services of the Company
    • ⑤ Membership service
  • 2) The Company might add or change what the services deliver, if necessary.

Article 6 (Suspension of Services)

  • 1) The Company might temporarily suspend delivery of the services due to reasons including maintenance/replacement/breakdown of the Company’s information communications equipment such as computers, etc. or disconnected communications and others.

  • 2) If the services are suspended due to reasons specified in Clause 1, users shall be notified by methods defined in Article 9.

  • 3) In case of services suspended due to reasons specified in Clause 1, the Company shall not have the responsibility to compensate for the damages that a user or a third party suffers. However, if the damages are incurred by the Company on purpose or due to its gross negligence, the Company shall compensate.

Article 7 (Membership Enrollment)

  • 1) Users can fill out a membership sign-up form defined by the Company and give consent to the Terms to apply for membership.

  • 2) Users must join the membership in the name of autonym (a person’s real name)

  • 3) The Company will register users who have applied for membership specified in Clause 1 as members, unless they constitute any of the followings.

    • ① The name is not an autonym.
    • ② The application includes any false, missing information or mistake
    • ③ The application made under other person’s name
    • ④ The applicant has lost eligibility for membership before pursuant to Article 8 Clause 3 of the Terms. (However, if it has been more than three years since the applicant lost the membership eligibility pursuant to Article 8 Clause 3 and the Company has approved re-enrollment of the membership, an exception shall be allowed.)
    • ⑤ The child under 14 years old did not get his/her legal representative(parents)’s consent
    • ⑥ Anyone who cannot meet certain requirements for application defined by the Company
  • 4) The membership agreement shall be regarded as being entered into upon the approval of the Company delivered to the user(sign up complete page).

  • 5) Members shall edit and enter any change to their membership information on their own, if there is any change to the information registered pursuant to Article 10 Clause 1.

Article 8 (Account Deletion and Disqualification, etc.)

  • 1) Members can request the Company to delete their accounts on the homepage anytime, and the Company shall process the request immediately.

  • 2) The Company might restrict and suspend the membership if a member constitutes any of the followings.

    • ① Includes any false information in a membership application form
    • ② Poses a threat to order of service operations by disrupting others using the services or stealing data, etc
    • ③ Engages in a behavior that the applicable laws and regulations and also the Terms prohibit or public policy disallows by using the services
    • ④ Fails to comply with the duties of members specified in Article 13.
  • 3) After the Company restricts/suspends membership of a member, the Company might deprive the member of membership eligibility, if he/she commits the same behavior more than twice or does not correct the problem within 30 days.

  • 4) If the Company disqualifies a member, it shall notify the member before deleting his/her account. In this case, the Company shall grant an opportunity to the member to speak for him/herself before the deletion.

Article 9 (Notification to Users)

  • 1) The Company might send notifications to an email address that a user submitted to the services, if the Company needs to notify him/her.

  • 2) The Company might replace the individual notices sent to the users with posting a notice on its homepage for at least a week in case of the notice targeting a bunch of random users.

Article 10 (Membership Sign-up)

  • 1) The Company will collect the least information needed for offering the services when it collects user data for membership sign-up.

  • 2) The followings are mandatory information and others will be optional.

    • ① Name
    • ② Date of birth
    • ③ ID (E-mail)
    • ④ Password
    • ⑤ E-mail
    • ⑥ Mobile Phone
  • 3) If the Company collects the identifiable personal data of users, it must get the consent from them for the year.

  • 4) The collected personal data shall not be shared with a third party without consent of users for the year, and the Company shall be responsible. However, exceptions shall be allowed in the following cases.

    • ① Providing to delivery companies the minimum information of users (name, phone number) required for delivery
    • ② Providing personal data in the form which cannot identify individuals for purposes of statistics, academic or market research
    • ③ Providing at the request of government institutions pursuant to applicable laws and regulations
    • ④ Providing for the purpose of helping criminal investigations or at the request of the Korea Internet Safety Commission
    • ⑤ Providing at the request pursuant to procedures defined by other applicable laws and regulations
  • 5) Users can read and amend their own personal data held by the Company whenever they want.

  • 6) A third party provided with personal data by the Company shall dispose of the data for the year once it has served its purpose.

Article 11 (Obligations of the Company)

  • 1) The Company shall make every effort to provide reliable services continuously to the members pursuant to what is specified in the Terms.

  • 2) The Company shall make every effort to maintain/repair service facilities to make sure they are in operation at all times and shall recover/repair immediately in case of any failures.

  • 3) The Company shall be equipped with a proper security system protecting personal information of users to ensure they can use the services in a secure manner.

  • 4) The Company shall not send any unsolicited advertisement e-mails that are intended for making a profit from users.

Article 12 (Management of ID and Password)

  • 1) Members shall take the responsibility for managing their ID and password assigned to them, and shall be liable for any consequences of lack of proper management or fraudulent use of ID and password.

  • 2) When a member gets his/her ID/password stolen or is aware that it is used by a third party, the member shall report it to the Company immediately, and follow the guidelines provided by the Company, if any

Article 13 (Obligations of Members)

  • 1) Members shall comply with the guidelines and regulations notified by the Company, the relevant laws, and the provisions of the Terms. They shall be prohibited from engaging in any activity disrupting the business of the Company.

  • 2) Members are prohibited from implementing any profit-making action (s) using the services provided by the Company without the Company’s prior approval.

  • 3) Members are not allowed to copy, reproduce, alter, translate, publish and broadcast the information obtained by using the services without company’s prior approval, nor provide it to a third party.

  • 4) Members must edit his/her personal information immediately in case of any changes in their information.

  • 5) Members are responsible for any consequences of not editing his/her personal information.

  • 6) Members are not allowed to do the following list of acts regarding using the services and shall take the full responsibility for any consequences of engaging in any of the followings.

    • ① Fraudulent use of other member’s ID
    • ② Sending email spam by obtaining other member’s e-mail address
    • ③ Activities intended for crime or related to other crimes
    • ④ Activities that violate public policy or any other social order
    • ⑤ Activities that bring the discredit to the Company or other members by defamation or insult
    • ⑥ Activities that infringe on intellectual property rights, etc. of the Company or others
    • ⑦ Activities that spread computer viruses or hack
    • ⑧ Activities that transmit consistent messages such as advertising information unwanted by others continuously
    • ⑨ Activities that may interrupt reliable operations of the services or pose such concerns
    • ⑩ Activities that alter the services that the Company delivers
    • ⑪ Activities that violate any other applicable laws and regulations

Article 14 (Deleting post)

  • 1) The Company can delete a post without any prior notice when it is judged that content that a user posts or registers is against Article 13 or applies to any of the following cases.

    • ① Content that damages the reputation of other users or a third party by slander or defamation
    • ② Content that violates social order or public policy
    • ③ Content that is regarded to be connected to criminal activities
    • ④ Content that infringes on other rights such as intellectual property rights of a third party
    • ⑤ Content that may affect reliable operations of the services or pose such concerns
    • ⑥ Content that involves unreasonable criticism of the Company or unfounded rumors
    • ⑦ Content that is believed to violate any other applicable laws and regulations

Article 15 (Rights to and Responsibilities for Postings)

  • 1) Users have all of the rights and responsibilities including copyrights for the posts made by them.

Article 16 (Relationship between Linking “Homepage” and Linked “Homepage”)

If the original homepage and the linked homepage are connected by the way of a hyperlink (ex: hyperlinks include words, images, video clips, etc.), the former is referred to as “the anchor homepage” and the latter is referred to as “the linked homepage (website)”. The anchor homepage shall not be a co-signer on any transactions between ‘the linked homepage’ and the user involving goods and services provided solely by the linked homepage.

Article 17 (Attribution of the Copyrights and Restriction of the Usage)

  • 1) The Company owns the copyrights and the other intellectual property rights of production created by the Company.

  • 2) Users shall not reproduce, transmit, press, distribute, and broadcast the information obtained by using the services or allow a third party to use the information to make a profit without a prior approval of the Company.

Article 18 (Prohibition of Transfer)

  • 1) Members are not allowed to transfer or give their authority to use the services or any other status granted by the usage agreement to a third party, nor offer as collateral.

Article 19 (Compensation for Damages)

The Company shall not be liable for any losses of the users regarding the usage of the free services provided by the Company, except for the cases where the Company inflicts any losses on purpose or there is gross negligence of the Company.

Article 20 (Exemption/Compensation)

  • 1) The Company shall not be responsible for any information, data, accuracy of the fact, reliability of the information posted by the users in the services. The users shall take the full responsibility for using the services and for any losses incurred by the information they post or transmit using the services or any disadvantage regarding selection of the information or using other services.

  • 2) The Company shall not take any responsibilities for transactions where goods are exchanged between users or between a user and a third party using the services in violation of Article 13. Also, the Company shall not take responsibilities for any interests related to the use of the services that a user expects.

  • 3) When a user violates Article 13 or any provisions in the Terms and the Company is supposed to be held responsible for any losses inflicted on other user or a third party involved, thus losses are inflicted on the Company, the user who violates the Terms shall compensate for all the damages that the Company suffers. The Company shall be exempted from any losses involved.

Article 21 (Settlement of Disputes)

  • 1) The Company and the members shall make all efforts necessary to settle any disputes between them related to the services amicably.

  • 2) Notwithstanding Clause 1, if there is any lawsuit brought by the dispute, the lawsuit shall proceed in the jurisdiction of the Seoul Central District Court

  • 3) The Korean Law shall be applied to the lawsuit above.

Article 22 (Others)

In order to handle the cases that are not specified in the Terms, the users shall contact HR Department of Hyundai Card (extension number: 02-2167-6620), Commercial HR Team of Hyundai Commercial (extension number: 02-2090-5447). The Terms will take effect as of January 1st, 2014.