2019 Summer Internship, Ask Anything!

Q. We would like to invite our 2019 summer interns and listen to their internship experiences today. All right, please introduce yourselves briefly!

(Jaewon Hyun, Hyeyeon Kim, Yooyoung Chang and Yongtae Kwon from the left side)

Jaewon Hyun: Hello, everyone. My name is Jaewon Hyun. I'm doing my internship in Auto Planning Team. I almost failed to join Generation Z.

Hyeyeon Kim: Hello, everyone. I'm a Cooking Travel Team intern, Hyeyeon Kim, looking after Cooking Library during my internship.

Yongtae Kwon: Hello, everyone. I'm a developer Yongtae Kwon in Client Development Team.

Yooyoung Chang: Hello, everyone. My name is Yooyoung Chang who is praying for the end of this hot summer.

Q. I know that Jaewon and Hyeyeon you two are in Planning Management job group and Yongtae and Yooyoung are in Software Engineer or SE job group. Can you briefly explain your job groups?

Jaewon Hyun: Planning Management job group covers marketing, strategy, corporate service, global business, risk, brand, etc. If you are in Planning Management, you will be given an opportunity to choose what you want to do and where you want to work via Job Fair.

Hyeyeon Kim: As Jaewon said, since the scope of Planning Management job group is broad, you have a time to learn what your job would be during the internship. You'll have a chance to think through and choose a team that you want to work for.

Yongtae Kwon: I applied for an internship as a Developer (Dev) in SE job group. As Hyundai Card expands its digital organization, capabilities of its developers have become crucial. So Devs actually develop Hyundai Card's app/web. 

Yooyoung Chang: I am a Data Scientist(DS) in SE. Since data science is something that the company focuses on companywide, I'm proud of what I do. 

Q. Thank you. Before introducing our Summer Internship, can you tell us how each of you started your internship and what you felt about it? As far as I concerned, there is a big difference particularly in terms of second interview between Planning Management and SE, can you elaborate on that?

Hyeyeon Kim: I went through paper screening, personality&aptitude test and three interviews. It was a long journey, but I think it was meaningful. One thing that I'd like to share is that I got this impression that this company really wanted to know about who I was. That is why I was able to put myself out there and feel confident.  

Jaewon Hyun: I tried to have my own opinion in the interviews. I focused on presenting my thoughts logically rather than forecasting interview questions. In the second interview, applicants in Planning Management job group need to go through a type of interview named 'Observation of task execution' where they perform both individual and group projects related to actual business. It was even more difficult to forecast the topic for this second interview, but I believe that it led to a good result because I did a good job of sorting out my own thoughts. 

Youngtae Kwon: You might feel a little lost at first because you are asked to write about anything without any limit to the subjects on the interview essay. But, on the other hand, it can be easier for you to tell your own story more frankly. If you apply for Dev, you need to take a coding test. I think it will be helpful to practice to be accurate as much as possible being on time. In preparation for the interview, it is a good idea to sort out what you have felt experiencing IT development and what kind of developer you want to be as well as technological knowledge. 

Yooyoung Chang: If you apply for DS, it is good to have date-related expertise, but usually your expertise would be tested in the second interview. So I focused more on the first interview where you were asked to prove your ability to think logically. This was somewhat different from what I had worked on, so I cared more about the first interview.

Q. Now we'd like to know about how you're doing your internship. Can you tell us which team you're working in now and what you do in your team?

Jaewon Hyun: I'm in Auto Planning Team at Hyundai Capital and my team mainly deals with care products and business planning. The capital business is quite new to me, but after my team members took me through all the products they look after and the team's responsibilities, I began to understand how auto financing worked. And spending five weeks in the team made me really close to the members, so it was great. I also enjoyed the attention that I got because I was an intern.

Hyeyeon Kim: Interns attend two weeks of training and work five weeks in the team they are assigned to. What I liked the most about the two week training was that I was able to understand not only card business, but also capital and commercial business. Also, the Job Fair where an intern can visit the booth of a team that one is interested in, appeal to the team and select a team that one wants to work in later, was very helpful. I applied to join Cooking Travel Team and an idea that I came up with will be incorporated in an event the team has put together next month.  

Yontae Kwon: I joined the web unit in Client Development Team. As I attend team meetings every week, I learn what my team does, how it meets the timeline, how it works with other functions and others in person. There is a system that I personally want to develop. If there is a chance, I would like to enhance the company's meeting room booking system.

Yooyoung Chang: I'm working in Engagement Engine Team. I guess the name of the team doesn't really help guessing what it does, so let me just tell you. The team is aiming at developing an engine which can offer benefits and services that customers need. I learned a lot by working with team members who have diverse backgrounds. 

Q. It sounds like your internship has taught you a lot. I know you are busy experiencing different things and learning new things from the moment you come to the office until you go home every day. Can you share what your typical day looks like?

Jaewon Hyun: As soon as I arrive, I get my coffee and sit down in front of the computer. I do my individual internship project and also actual work that my mentor gave to me and all of a sudden it's lunch break. I go to good restaurants in the neighborhood with other interns or team members. Also, I get together with other interns for a coffee either in a rest area or an in-house cafe to share how a day goes by. 

Hyeyeon Kim: I'm a morning person, so I usually come to the office around 8:30. When I arrive, there are not many people in the office. So I come up with a plan for the day and get work started when it's quiet. Branding requires a lot of new ideas, so I tend to often sit down with and talk to other interns in a rest area. In the afternoon, I usually go to meetings. What impresses me the most personally is the fact that the ZERO PPT is really happening here in the office. We just grab a laptop or meeting materials, go to a meeting and feel free to talk about what we think. 

Yongtae Kwon: It is not like I come to the office at the same time every day, but still it is usually 9-ish. I start a day by checking the progress in my individual internship project and sorting out what I need to get done by the end of the day. If there is anything that I don't know about at work, I ask my team members to help right away. Since I'm working in the office where there is no cubicle, it is easier to ask around. I can just turn my head and find my mentor who is sitting right there. 

Yooyoung Chang: Interns need to do an individual internship project when they are assigned to a team. I grapple with the project a lot, so a day goes by really fast. When I get feedback on the project and do my work and all of a sudden it's time to go home. I come to and leave the office at different times every day, but I make them flexible. For example, if I have a dinner plan, I come earlier so I can leave the office earlier. 

Q. Thank you for sharing with us. Last but not least, can you tell us what you've learned from your Hyundai Card/Capital/Commercial internship and what you've like to say to future internship applicants?

Jaewon Hyun: The company was different from what people usually expect from a big corporation. The culture itself was very free and dynamic, not closed at all. I believe this is the place where you can meet diverse people and experience different things as the company HR's philosophy underscores the importance of 'diversity'. I hope more students can apply for an internship opportunity here and make their seven week internship experience very meaningful. 

Hyeyeon Kim: I got the impression that the interactions between the company and interns are very active. The company really cared about its recruitment process and I could really see the effort. So I felt cared for and respected throughout my internship here. I know a lot of college students or graduates are struggling to get a job these days, but it is not easy to have an opportunity to experience what it is like to work at Hyundai Card/Capitlal/Commercial in person. It is a great experience to build one's capabilities. Please give it a shot!

Yongtae Kwon: Though I'm in Dev job group, I worried about the overall atmosphere of the company because it is a financial services company. I got a lot of questions from people around me about why I applied for a financial services company, not an IT company. But having worked in a team in person, now I found there's not much of a difference between Hyundai Card and IT companies in terms of atmosphere or the way people work. Also, IT is already woven into the financial services business and Hyundai Card is the one which understood its value faster than any other financial services companies. If you want to apply for Dev, I recommend you experience what it would be like working here at Hyundai Card through an internship rather than worrying about it without knowing exactly.

Yooyoung Chang: The seven weeks taught me what I need to work on to develop my career and what kind of attitude I need to have at work. They were the happy days spending great time with great interns and team members. People keep asking themselves whether they have made the right choice living their lives and I personally believe my choice to do an internship at Hyundai Card was meaningful. I hope future applicants will pull it off!