New Hire

Job Fair: Looking for Bright Minds to Join

  "Come Visit Us and Get Your All Questions Answered!"

Once you get a clear picture of different divisions from Job Selling, 
now is the time to have private meetings with associates working in divisions of your choice. Simply visit career counseling booths of different divisions of Hyundai Card, Hyundai Capital, and Hyundai Commercial (collectively “Hyundai Card”) and ask any questions to people who are already working in the team. 

At the Convention Hall of Hyundai Card’s headquarters in Yeouido, they are having Job Fair for new hires. The hall is filled with different booths representing all divisions of Hyundai Card. Each booth has a big visible sign indicating their division name, and you can also check the floor plan at the entrance. 

New hires are more than welcomed to visit any booth and have any conversation they want. Mostly they start where they wanted to clarify to follow up on Job Selling. 

Job Fair offers a good opportunity for teams to interview new hires face-to-face. Having conversation with new hires coming to their booths, they can pick the people with the right chemistry and fit with their team. And new hires can have all their questions answered before making their final choice. 

Final assignment is decided by matching what both sides want. New hires pick their top 3 divisions to join, and divisions also choose their top 3 staff to hire.

New hires share what they learn from Job Fair and have discussion with each other. For anyone having yet decided top 3 divisions, or needing advice on what fits them best, career counseling by HR is also available. Not a new hire or a division representative? You are still invited to Job Fair if you are a Hyundai Card employee. Advice from hands-on experiences of 1st or 2nd-year associates, in particular, is so powerful and valuable.

With the Job Fair over now, the new hire orientation program is about to end soon. Cheers to every new hire who is waiting to blossom in their dream team!