New Hire

Job Selling: I Choose the Right Place for Me

New hires of
Hyundai Card, Hyundai Capital, and Hyundai Commercial (collectively “Hyundai Card”) are invited to take a quite unique session during their job orientation. It is “Job Selling” and “Job Fair” to pick a business function they aspire to work and apply for. Heads of each department/division promote what they do in Job Selling, and members of department/division offer career advice one-on-one in Job Fair. First, we got a peek of 4-day-long Job Selling where heads of divisions of Hyundai Card gave intensive presentations to “sell their jobs”.


Wanna Join Us? 
The job selling presentation is quite serious and full of passion. All divisions want to hire, or more correctly aspire to invite cream of the crop people to join them. That is why executives take the stage in person to present on what they do, how their business has been, and what they are planning to do, supported by specific numbers and real-life cases. They also candidly share what make them keep awake at night. It is because they are expected to tell them the very truth about the job which new hires would never ever know otherwise. Each division has such a different style of presentation. They have so many reasons to care about the presentation, because they are in a position “to be selected”, not selecting new hires.  

The job selling session also means a hard choice to make for new hires, because they have to learn as much as they can in order to pick the right place which fits them best and where they can unlock their potential, as they can close the gap between expectation and reality, discover new aspects they haven’t realized, and choose the best place they can enjoy working for from the session. Following presentations, they can ask any questions which were mostly about working environment, but also included other questions on specific topics such as collaboration with global partners and funding process.  
Mini Interview 

We sat down with our new graduate hires who have been assigned to teams after Job Selling and Job Fair.

(From the left)
Hayoung Kim, Jieun Ha, Jaeyang Jeong  
Q. What made you join Hyundai Card?

Kim As an engineering major, I was intrigued by new attempts that Hyundai Card makes to puruse digital innovation. I was wondering what kind of digitalization that Hyundai Card would bring outside of financial services.   

Ha I always wanted to work at a company that had a young and innovative culture. I found Hyundai Card most appealing in that sense.

Jeong I was impressed by a Hyundai Card commercial which featured Tom Hardy, so I applied to Hyundai card. When I saw the card company promoting its own philosophy and brand, not benefits that its card products offer, I wanted to experience in person how its employees share the company’s philosophy at work.

Jaeyoung Jeong 
Q. Which function was your initial choice? 

Jeong I think it was probably because how I was motivated in the first place, I wanted to apply for a position in Brand Division which planned and directed the commercial that impressed me.  

Kim I wanted to work at a team which was involved in digitalization. I was a lot more interested in Digital Planning Team, in particular, because it seemed to be a function which explored where Hyundai Card’s digital business should be headed.  

Ha I wanted to do product marketing, so Card Product Team was my first choice.

Jieun Ha 
Q. Were there any other divisions drawing your attention at Job Selling? 

Ha Job Selling made me develop an interest in many different teams and HR was the one that I was attracted to the most. They filled me in with what they do in HR more in detail, now I have found something that I think I can do.

Kim I have developed an interest in sales support team. That is because there is a function which pursues digitalization of sales and I became interested in the area dedicated to planning and developing an app that sales representatives and customers use.

Jeong Back in college, I was interested in corporate strategy/consulting, but I didn’t think about trying them out because they required intense workload and an extensive understanding of various industries. But when I was told at Job Selling that there was a team where I could have an opportunity to look at all the industries that the company is involved in, I wanted to give it a try.    


Hayoung Kim 
Q. Can you share how you feel about Job Selling and Job Fair?

Kim I think the beauty is that I can figure out what I want to do and which job I would be a better fit for before I make my choice rather being assigned by the company. And after both new hires and the company tested the waters and you can take a sort of little pleasure from being finally matched with a team after “playing hard to get”.

Jeong Frankly, new hires never know which divisions do what. In the beginning, Brand Division was all I know of, but only after Job Selling, I realized there are a lot of teams that I couldn’t even believe that they are in one company. It makes our decision so efficient, because we can make informed decisions after understanding what they do exactly. Typical employers would just say “you are a newbie, so I decide where you work”, but this company is different to the extent that I got an impression that they “politely ask qualified new hires to join on their bended knees” which without doubt makes us feel valued and respected.

Ha I belive a lot of job seekers after college apply for a job that they are more likely to land rather than the one they really want to do. 
But, it was great that Job Selling and Job Fair gave me a chance to do some serious thinking about I want to do after joining the company. And then I can figure out what I would do and where I would work, so it is an excellent opportunity.