New Hire

2018 New Hires’ Review of NBA Experience

Feel Like I’m Born Again

Anyone having encountered our staff wearing a green sprout badge with excited face at not just headquarters office in Yeouido, but also Daebang Office, Yeongdeungpo Office, Studio Black and Libraries from February 6th to 8th? Yes, you are right. They are our 2018 new hires. 69 rookies were on “New Born Activity (NBA)” program to gain hands-on experiences and understanding of real economy and value of work. Let me share with you the reviews from Somin Park of New Automobile Financing Marketing Team and Seokmin Yang of Sales Support Team on their experience at Vinyl & Plastic and at the Box respectively.

Special Blessing of “Very First”

Somin Park,
Associate of New Car Marketing Team

Hyundai Card was there in many of my “first” moments. The very first resume and personal statement, first aptitude test, and first job offer in my life were all with Hyundai Card. With the very first experiences, I felt excited and also afraid, but mostly savored every bit of the first moments that I will never have again. 

Of them, Vinyl & Plastic was all the more special, because it was the place where I had my “first” encounter with Hyundai Card which now shares a lot of my “firsts”. I happened to drop by the place and was soon fascinated by the idea that you can pick and listen to any vinyl record there. Learning that it is a cultural space run by Hyundai Card made me feel so special about the company. Believe it or not, I joined the company myself a few months later, and got a chance to visit V&P for NBA program.

I was so excited to work at V&P, as music has been always a big part of my life. Working in a place where I can listen to great and diverse music all the time surrounded by so many vinyl records was a great motivation. But there were challenges. First, to work in a record store required far more skills than I thought. I thought my love for music and brief experiences in the business should be enough to catch up fast, but it was not. To find the records customers are looking for, you need to know every singer and where you can locate them in the store. But I couldn’t be of much help without the knowledge. I felt frustrated and helpless, but learnt a good lesson that you need to build expertise over time to do things no matter how easy they seem. 

I had a few inspiring moments, though. Two ladies, after listening to music for almost an hour, came to me and asked, “Why are you offering discounts to Hyundai Card members only?”. I told them it is because the whole place is run by Hyundai Card. They were so surprised and said “Is it? Oh then I gotta get the credit card right now.” I also shared with them what we offer at Music Library, and they said they never knew such an amazing place is there and available for everyone. Looking at their pleasantly amazed smiley faces, I felt privileged to work in such meaningful space. 

People do their job making this world a better place to live, but not everyone is lucky enough to directly bring happiness in others’ lives. Watching people enjoying music at V&P, I realized this company which will many of my “first” moments to come is the very place which can and is willing to make people happy and inspired. My dream since I was young has been to make others genuinely happy however few they are, and the experience at V&P convinced me that I didn’t pick the wrong answer at least. Now I am embarking on my “first” career in the very place where I first encountered Hyundai Card, wishing that I will never forget this simple but powerful “first” moment”. 

"I haven't done
any part-time work at all"

Seokmin Yang,
Associate of Sales Support Team 

Until 27 when I got my first job, I had no part-time work experience at all. Parents were supportive, saying spending my time to study, not work, makes more sense. But my friends were critical, telling me “Having no part-time work experience will screw you up when you start career”. Well, I had some extracurricular, volunteering and internship experiences, but still I was like a pampered and sheltered boy who never had part-time job experiences to make money, in the eyes of my friends who had so many part-time experiences and already started their own career. Whenever they told me how tough it was, I felt daunted and even belittled for reasons I couldn’t explain. 

However, the sheltered boy was now assigned to the Box under the NBA program. On Day 1, I served customers in the restaurant, setting tables ready and clearing them up after customers are done. On Day 2, I took orders at the counter, made coffee and drinks, and washed the dishes. On the last day, I worked in the kitchen to assist making new bakery products. 

Of course, I made some rookie mistakes. I got lost when I had to take orders from a large group of customers, and I made a hot drink for a customer who ordered an iced one. Despite all the slips, I felt freed from the hard-to-explain feeling of “I am not enough”, and really enjoyed the 3 days. After it was over, the store manager said to me, “Seokmin, I really wish you could keep working with us. We will miss you. Drop by anytime.” which made me feel truly “born again” as a grown-up. 

They say the sparrow near a school sings the primer. After the 3 days of NBA, I was born again as “a grown-up not sheltered anymore”. Last weekend, I found myself so passionately lecturing to my friends how tiring it is to serve customers all day, how hectic it is to take orders, how many types of coffee drinks are there, and how long it takes to bake just one piece of bread. It was a moment of awakening for me. Like the arrowhead which turned Eros from a boy to a grown-up by accident, the NBA was a transformational experience which made me stronger.