Ask HR - All about HR of Hyundai Card/Capital/Commercial

Bring any questions you have, ranging from our expectations, HR program to what it is actually like to work at Hyundai Card, to HR of Hyundai Card, Hyundai Capital, and Hyundai Commercial (collectively hereafter "Hyundai Card").

Q) What is the company’s definition of good employee? 

We don’t define a good employee in one term. 

At Hyundai Card, hiring takes place across different business functions. Every division including Marketing, Brand, Corporate Service and Digital looks for people with different skill sets. We cannot have one standard yardstick to the diverse fields, because we believe that different functions need different people with different skill sets. 

Our priority in HR is to maintain diversity in people. We seek to find people who can bring in their unique experiences and strengths, not bound by the limitations of standard definition. 

(Below is quoted from Facebook page of Vice Chairman Ted (Taeyoung) Chung of Hyundai Card)

A few days ago, one student came to me and asked what kind of people we look for. My answer was simple: we don’t have such a thing. HR people in many corporations (including Hyundai Card to be candid) describe in one word the qualities of people they are looking for, but well I’m not sure…. because at least to my knowledge, there is no company which has gone through so serious and intensive thought process enough to come up with one perfect definition. Hiring people who can fit into one standard definition does not make sense to me, and it is virtually impossible to categorize human beings who are so multi-faceted and unique on their own. 

One explanation could be that corporations had to explain the objective of interview and tough selection process, and thus came up with a thing like “ideal qualities” they look for. But I’m afraid this whole thing makes job applicants confused, which is not the original intention. My advice for applicants: do not try to fit yourself into the “definition” no one knows for sure, but focus on “being who you are”.  

Q) Can you share more on your HRD program for employees?

Hyundai Card has 2 key HRD programs for different target audience: new hires or employees.

New hires take a 6-week orientation program where they spend 2 weeks at Hyundai Motor Group and the other 4 weeks at Hyundai Card. The orientation at Hyundai Motor Group aims to equip them with high-level understanding on business operations and management philosophy, whereas at Hyundai Card, they learn about specific businesses of each company and unique corporate culture and way of working by taking Insight Class and having a tour to Hyundai Card Library. 

We also offer a variety of training programs for employees. Unlike many other corporations which offer mandatory and standardized training programs, Hyundai Card seeks to run employee-driven HRD programs. Employees can choose and take courses they like among diverse programs such as Open Class where opinion leaders from culture, art, science, liberal arts etc. are invited to speak, or Digital Academy (Basic or Advanced Course).  
From the powerful sessions covering diverse topics, employees can be awakened to new fields or gain broader perspectives and knowledge, which help them to come up with creative ideas.


Q) How do you decide where to assign new hires? 

We have a unique program for new hire assignment, which is Job Selling and Job Fair. It is a good example of Hyundai Card’s unique belief that hiring is not about the company ‘selecting’ people, but the company ‘selling’ jobs to employees. 

In Job Selling, heads of divisions give presentations on their vision, work, history and more, whereas at Job Fair, members of divisions with staffing need come to have a one-on-one interview with new hires, which is a good opportunity for the two sides to vet each other before choosing the best team or team member.

When Job Fair is over, the final assignment decision is made based by matching preferences of both new hires and divisions. Both sides choose their top 3 favorites and send the list to HR which then matches people solely based on the wants and priorities. 

On average, over 80% of new hires are assigned to one of the top 3 divisions of choice, which indicates that the program is truly a win-win program for both the company and employees. 

Q) Once they are assigned after Job Selling and Job Fair, they may still want to build other experiences in other jobs. 
How do you deal with their needs for transfer?  

We believe HR program should be not just a way for a company to ‘manage’ human resources, but also an ‘opportunity’ for employees to grow in the company. Our differentiated HR program aims to achieve diversity in our people, and empower them to find opportunities and fulfill their potential. 

One of them is Career Market.  
Every Hyundai Card employee, once they have served 3 or more years in one division, is qualified to transfer to divisions or jobs they want. We wanted to move away from the past practice where the company decides how to allocate resources. Career Market is open for departments and employees to find people they want or join departments they want. A department with staffing need places a job posting on Career Market, and anyone interested in the position may apply. Employees can transfer, if mutually agreed, without the need to obtain the approval of their current head of team.   

Q) What about pay level and employee benefits? 

Starting salary for new hires is around KRW 50 million including incentive and incentive is determined based on performance appraisal rating.

In addition to formal employee benefits such as mortgage loan services, support for automobile purchase, and condolence or congratulatory money for life events, Hyundai Card has been committed to making investment to create a flexible and efficient working environment and infrastructure to make itself a good place to work for. 

Luxury fitness club, sauna, sleeping and relaxing lounge available during working hours, buffet style cafeteria, Cut (barber shop), Polish (nail salon) and the Clinic are all available around the office for employees to enjoy anytime for better work & life balance. 

Q) Can employees take up leaves as they want? 

Our employees are free to take up leaves without feeling any pressure from anyone. It’s not just in words, but we put it into action by creating an environment to make it possible. The company actively encourages employees to get refreshed, even by cutting a portion of budget following year for any division with an average leave usage rate of less than 50%.

They don’t even need to describe why they are taking the leave, nor provide details to convince head of department or team leader. 
However, they are recommended sharing their leave schedule in advance with team leader and colleagues to minimize any disruption on work. 

Q) What about after-work drinking practice? 

We understand many workers feel stressed when they are forced to attend after-work gathering for drinks. At Hyundai Card, you are never forced to attend or drink if you don’t want to. Our policy is to leave the decision up to each individual. It does not matter if you don’t attend unless you want to. 

Corporate culture has been one of key priorities for Hyundai Card where it has put significant efforts and sought changes. It is because we firmly believe that you must have the right corporate culture to offer the right products and services catering to customers’ needs. In this regard, we put a strong emphasis on building the right corporate culture. We would not be where we are now without collective efforts and commitment of our employees. 

With that, we could build a unique and powerful corporate culture not just in after-work gathering, but also no more unnecessary overtime work, longer meetings than 30 minutes or time-consuming paperwork for reporting.